Book that teaches you powerful but easy picture post processing steps.
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As an active internet user I’m a member of ~50+ sites and forums that require registration. Below are just some sites I use:

Formats war: JPEG vs. RAW


Every picture your digital camera produces is stored as a file in the camera memory or on memory card inserted to you camera. File (Wikipedia) is an ordered sequence of 0 and 1 with a name assigned to it. 

Understanding Pixels


As I’m writing a book that will give you 4 very simple but effective and fast steps to improve your images I want to share several already written book chapters on this blog for you. This time it is about pixels.  It is important to understand the construction of digital images if you seriously looking into improving your own digital images. And here is a short introduction into pixels. As a side note, text in the final book might still be changed and be different from a text posted in this blog post below.

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